Unique paintings of glass in the fusing technique will decorate any modern interior, and will be a great gift. Execution of paintings is similar to the ancient art of mosaic, but using the latest technology.

Процесс ручного изготовления картины из стекла

The process of hand-made glass painting. Each element of the picture is cut by the master from the whole sheets of art glass by hand, then, in accordance with the artistic design, the plot is formed from the prepared elements.

The next stage-sintering of the prepared composition at high temperatures reaching up to 900C. For each product, an individual sintering program, which reflects the stages of heating and aging. The duration of the sintering process is about 7 hours.

The process of creating paintings and panels requires artistic skills and technical training and experience, because it involves special equipment and technology for glass processing. That is why our Studio employs professional artists and designers with many years of experience with glass.

The result of this diligent  work are unique works that attract the eyes and cause admiration!

Фрагмент картины ручной работы из стекла

Fragment of a hand-made glass painting

very important and distinctive feature of paintings and panels of glass is their uniqueness. You can be 100% sure that there is no identical picture. This is due to several factors: sometimes the artist uses many thousands of glass elements to create a picture and it is impossible to repeat the work exactly even with the use of a similar sketch. Also, the process involves a special oven and temperature change even a few degrees or change in exposure/heating for a few minutes can completely affect the result.

Decorative panels and other glass elements can be used for rooms with high humidity, for bathrooms, where it is impossible to place many decorative items.

Author’s paintings in different styles of performance, interpretation of paintings by great artists – each picture created in the Studio DECUS is unique. It is impossible to convey in words the play of light in every element of such a work of art!

Do you have your own sketches?

Do you want to buy a picture or a panel corresponding to Your interior?

Make a gift according to your tastes and preferences?

In our Studio it is possible to get a ready picture, and a picture by the individual order. And also we will arrange the finished picture in a quality baguette frame corresponding to the style of work and Your interior.

Our artists will  realize Your wishes!

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