The picture “Japanese woman" based on Claude Monet , fusing , art glass, handmade. Size in frame 115×76 cm

phone: 8 (029) 178-55-75 

More works You can see in the gallery-boutique DECUS

Minsk,  Marriott Hotel / Falcon Club, av. Winners 20, 2nd floor.

Moscow,  Marriott Hotel /32 Novy Arbat street, 1st floor.

Each element of the picture is cut by stained glass artists manually from whole sheets of art glass and formed into a plot. Then the prepared composition is fired in a special furnace, where the elements are sintered together in a glass sheet. The result is a unique three-dimensional work that attracts the eyes and causes admiration. Photos can not convey the beauty and elegance of glass products, so we will glad to see You in the gallery DECUS, where you can see pictures, touch, and enjoy the play of light in every element of these amazing paintings.

It is possible to order paintings in accord with Your sketches. Artists of Studio DECUS will be able to realize Your wishes in glass. Looking at the work of this scale, it is difficult to believe that this picture is created from thousands of elements carved from glass by hand. Technically complex, large in size, this work required an incredibly long time of hard work and the use of new non-standard technical solutions. Elegant female figure in a luxurious kimono, which lies elegant folds; voluminous fans-everything in this picture is striking beauty and the greatest skill and professionalism of our entire team of artists led by the head.
Such a picture in the interior is guaranteed not to go unnoticed; complement the interior and become its luxurious decoration!

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